Machiavelli (1st edition) PBEM (Play By Electronic Mail) game page


Machiavelli is set in Renaissance Italy - a land of intrigue, double-dealing, and constant warfare, as first one major power and then another attempt to wrest control of the entire Italian peninsular fromt their rivals. In Machiavelli you control the fortunes of one of the eight major Italian and foreign powers through the tangled web of diplomacy, bluffs, naked displays of power, and infamous double-crosses that made life so exciting (and dangerous) for even the most accomplished of rulers.

Machiavelli was originally published by Battleline and then republished in 1980 by The Avalon Hill Game Company. A second edition was published in 1995.

The PBEM game

Scenario being played: The Spanish Preponderance: 1521-1529

During the later stages of the Italian Wars, the power balance situation was completely changed from earlier periods. The French had lost their hold on Milan and Genoa, Spain (linked with Naples) and Austria both ruled by the Hapsburg Emperor Charles V, had gained Milan, and threatened to dominate both Northern and Southern Italy. As usual, the Italian states took various positions in the struggle. Venice was menaced by the Turks, and had to devote most of its attention to its Balkan empire. Florence allied with France to avoid becoming a vassal of Spain and the Papacy. The Turks were stronger, conquering Hungary, and threatening to overrun the Balkans and Southern Italy.

The PBEM rules being used.

The game status:-

The game ended as this point with an agreed draw between Pietro (Austria) and Thomas (Venice). Well done to both of them!

The powers/players:- All the players are members of AHIKS, a society dedicated to PBM/PBEM play of wargames.