Empires of the Middle Ages PBEM (Play By Electronic Mail) game page


Between the glories of Rome and the rise of national states stood an age in which each land was defined by the virtues and failings of its monarch. Empires of the Middle Ages is a multi-player game of diplomacy in which up to six players may act as dynasts and attempt to build their historical kingdoms into vast empires. Empires of the Middle Ages is played on a map of Medieval Europe on which the players record the power of their kingdoms. Playing cards resolve the basic actions of the game, while Random Event cards add the flavour - plagues, Crusades, heresy - of the period.

Empires of the Middle Ages was published in 1980 by SPI (Simulations Publications Inc). It is long out of print.

A brief review of Empires of the Middle Ages.

The PBEM game

Errata (unofficial, official and minor) for the rules.

The PBEM rules.

Event and Year card lists.

An excellent software PBEM aid (Windows) and the summary sheet it uses. A note on its use, by Chris Fawcett.

Scenario being played:- Millenium, 976-1075AD

The game status:- Final Victory point and Effectiveness ratings (as PDF files) for each empire.

The players:-

The observer/players (in replacement order):- The observers:-