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The Crusades was published in 1978 in issue 70 of Strategy and Tactics magazine, then published by SPI (SimulationsPublications Inc). The game and magazine are long out of print.

The Crusades is two games in one. The basic game is a two-player simulation of the Third Crusade (1191 to 1192AD). The Crusaders, led by Richard Coeur-de-Lion, Philip of France, and the divided barons of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, try to regain the territory (and the city of Jerusalem) lost to the Ayubid Sultan, Saladin (the Saracens).

The second game is a multi-player simulation of the First Crusade, in which various Frankish and Norman knights and lords march to the Holy Land, each with a different set of motives to meet their opponents - a divided coterie of Muslims.

A brief review of The Crusades is available, together with errata and a conference map (340K GIF).

The PBEM game of the First Crusade

The PBEM rules and some clarifications used for this game.

The game:-

The game ended with a Ridwan Syrian victory. Honours thus go to Chuck Lietz! Players and others made end of game statements.

The sides/players:-

The player/observers:- The observers:-